alphabet of library terms

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Library Terminology - UCF Libraries
Jul 19, 2010 . For additional definitions of library or library-related terminology, or for terms not listed in the glossary . Arranged by order of the alphabet.

Library Terms - Honors College - InfoGuides at George Mason ...
Aug 18, 2011 . Used in libraries to preserve items for long term use. Back to Alphabet. Call Number: A call number consists of a series of letters, numbers or .

Doing Research at the Library of Congress
Doing Research at the Library of Congress. IIB. The Four Ways to Find Proper Subject Headings. b. Alphabetic adjacency of subject terms. The second way to .

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Confused about Maryland Library world's alphabet soup? Below is a list of some common library terms and organizations. Below are some library terms and .

Glossary of Library Terms
Glossary of Library Terms . Alphabetical -- Arranged by order of the alphabet. . Call Number -- A group of letters and numbers, given to books in the library.