do color candels efect the burn

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So, why do white candles burn faster than colored candles? - Yahoo ...
So, why do white candles burn faster than colored candles? . not sure about this one - but the melting point of the wax may have some effect.

Do Dyes Affect the Speed at Which Candles Will Burn? - Yahoo ...
Apr 30, 2009 . Do the dyes used to give candles their color affect the speed at which they burn? Candles are often used in my home. They are burned for the .

National Candle Association: Elements of a Candle - Colorants
Candles are available in a seemingly endless palette of colors. . generally have a minimal effect on the burn performance of a candle with color. . They do not dissolve, migrate or "bleed," and thus are not as susceptible to color fade as dyes .

National Candle Association: About Candles - Facts & Figures
Does the color of a candle affect its burn rate? This is probably the most popular candle science project with younger students. Dinner candles (tapers) are .

Children's hair mysteriously darkens; Why some candles burn fast ...
Apr 30, 2007 . Q: Does the color of a candle determine whether it will burn faster? . Sometimes pigment from dyes clog a wick, which can effect the burn time .

Does the color of the candle affect how fast it burns
The color of the candle does affect how long it burns because the heat is produced to . Do the color of candles affect its burn rate? Yes,it does. The darker .