husband is sorry but nothing changes

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I read the repair you marriage books, shared all the information with my husband but nothing changes. I have changed. Since figuring out I am desirable, I feel .

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But of course nothing changes, and if you remind him, he accuses you of . the only words you want to hear from his mouth are “I'm sorry” or “I'll do what you .

When Kids Get Ugly: How to Stop Threats and Verbal Abuse (Part 2)
But as James says, nothing changes if nothing changes. . My husband has driven to the police station but I was afraid to have him go in. . Dear ' tdrobashane': We're sorry to hear that your family is experiencing this difficult cycle of behaviors .

Asked My Husband To Leave Blog
Jun 28, 2005 . I have asked my husband to leave our home, this is our 4th . We go to counselling but nothing is actioned, he says sorry but nothing changes.

Ugh! 1st big fight! : Baseguide
So earlier today I had the 1st big fight with my husband of 3 years. It was a major blow out. Nothing physical of course, but it was pretty bad. . I am quite bull headed too, and I don't think I should have to say sorry because his actions . I read every book there was about relationships to try to help but NOTHING changed.

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So, go back to your spouse, say you are sorry, and love each other. . Just aside from the fact that his shooting probably has nothing to do with "revenge upon the world" but is just a . Sadly a situation like a rocky marriage seldom changes.