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Volatile Organic Compunds (VOCs) in Your Home - EH: Minnesota ...
Nov 3, 2011 . Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home (PDF:49KB/3 pages) . Air fresheners; Air cleaners that produce ozone; Cleaning and disinfecting . to chemicals may be more susceptible to irritation and illness from VOCs.

Living with Environmental Illness — Cleaner Indoor Air
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Danger: Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Health Effects
The most controversial type of home air purifier is ozone oxidation. . of Medicine , shows that increased risk of death from respiratory illness varies . lemon and pine-scented cleaning products and air fresheners, creating toxic formaldehyde.

Are You Suffering From Sick Building Syndrome?
Everyday, we use chemicals in or around our home. . Symptoms of sick building syndrome can actually develop into a full-blown illness that is known to as . There are natural alternatives for air fresheners, cleansers and other chemical .

Publications: The Inside Story | Indoor Air | US EPA - EPA Home
Reference Guide to Major Indoor Air Pollutants in the Home . and household products like air fresheners, release pollutants more or less continuously. . fit the pattern of any particular illness and are difficult to trace to any specific source.