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Inside an ADHD Mind - Yahoo! Voices -
Apr 22, 2008 . My energy level soars out of control, and I simply cannot sit still. By the looks of it, I may be inattentive, disorganized or over-indulgent. In reality .

Inside the Mind of an ADHD Man - Yahoo! Voices -
Jun 30, 2009 . I was in a car accident and had major head injuries and I have been diagnosed with ADHD. This speech represents the way my brain feels .

Inside the Mind of the Thirtysomething Adult with ADHD | Adult ...
Feb 19, 2009 . What are single women with attention deficit disorder really chasing in the dating world? ADHD symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment information .

ADHD and Marriage: What It's Like to Own an ADHD Brain | ADHD ...
Oct 5, 2010 . People wh ADHD say having an ADHD brain is like: listening to . I'm in IT (and have been into it since the 80s) so I found this analogy perfect.

A view into the mind of an ADD Husband | ADHD and Marriage
Oct 26, 2011 . Let me first open with what most of you already expect from someone with ADD :). I will do my best but make no promises to make updates to .

Inside a Distracted Mind
Aug 1, 2007 . Jason LeScott's ADD/ADHD Blog - Inside a Distracted Mind.