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News 92 FM—April 22nd, 2012

Should you name a trust as beneficiary for your retirement accounts ...
Many estate planning professionals recommend that you create or name your living trust as beneficiary for an IRA. There are really only a couple of reasons to .

Designating IRA Beneficiary Critical in Estate Planning
An IRA participant with a living trust may consider naming it as the primary or contingent beneficiary. (If married, the participant may, for example, name his or her .

What happens if I name a trust as beneficiary of my IRA? -
There are a few common reasons for naming a trust as beneficiary of an IRA. One is to maintain control -- to ensure that the assets of the IRA are distributed .

Trust as beneficiary of IRA, now what? | Ask Liza: Everyday Estate ...
Jul 9, 2011 . Our main asset is his IRA. I just found out that my husband named our living trust as the beneficiary, not me. The guy at the brokerage account .

Choosing Beneficiaries for IRAs and 401(k)s: Initial Considerations
Does your Revocable Living Trust contain the appropriate provisions? . in the trust agreement and you designate it as the beneficiary of your IRA, then your .