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Out-of-body experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Artist's depiction of the separation stage of an out-of-body experience, which often . extreme physical effort during activities such as high-altitude climbing and .

Near death out-of-body experiences
More interestingly, some had out-of-body experiences where they seemed to . of a six foot high shelf in the trauma center that can only be seen from the ceiling.

Out of Body Experiences & Soul Beliefs
Mar 9, 2011 . A common feature of many NDEs is the out of body experience, or the sense that the . similar experiences are construed as an excellent high.

Recreational Drug Creates Out-of-Body Illusions | Wired Science ...
Feb 28, 2011. a scientific window on the strange world of out-of-body experiences, . National surveys indicate that 1.6 percent of high school seniors in .

Out of Body Experience Research Foundation (OBERF)
Out of Body Experience (OBE), spiritually transformative events, consciousness studies, extensive . I just didn't like how everything looked from so high up.

Shroomery - Unintentional Trips, Out of Body Experiences
Unintentional Trips, Out of Body Experiences . I was feeling okay, not extremely high or anything. . Every inch of my body felt as if it were decaying. I don't think .