volcanoes with silica rich rock

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Chemical: total alkali-silica content (TAS diagram) for volcanic rock classification . intrusive rock (crystallized at depth), with felsic composition (rich in silica and .

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Basanite - a volcanic rock of mafic composition; essentially a silica . porous, yellow sandstone: Jaspillite - an iron-rich chemical sedimentary rock similar to chert .

However, the best quality obsidian often forms below the ground surface around volcanic vents. Silica-rich magma squeezes into rock fractures to form layers .

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Jul 10, 2005 . Many Japanese volcanoes are largely composed of silica-rich rocks such as dacite and andesite and are prone to highly explosive eruptions .

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Relevant answers: Where are volcanoes with silica-rich and quartz-rich rocks found? Italy. What is the shape of volcanoes with silica rich and quartz rich rocks?

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