whats special about mars

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What are the special features of the planet Mars
Mars is known for its reddish, dusty surface, which often forms lengthy dust storms. It has many meteor craters, and the largest volcano (Olympus Mons) of all the .

What special features does mars have
Some of the most notable features of the planet Mars include: The largest known volcano in the solar system, known as Olympus Mons. The only terrestrial .

What is something special about mars
Mars has the biggest mountain in the solar system. It's called "Olympus Mons" and it's actually a dormant volcano. Olympus Mons is 15.5 miles high and 372 .

Why the mysterious Gale Crater is an "ideal landing site" for the new ...
Dec 14, 2011 . In August of 2012, NASA's biggest, baddest, and most scientifically capable rover ever, Curiosity, will touch down on the surface of Mars.

What's so special about the new Mars pictures? | Science | The ...
Jan 29, 2004 . They combine beauty and usefulness. The latest images from Mars come from a high-resolution stereo camera flying at 260km over the red .

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