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News 92 FM—April 22nd, 2012

Fruit from the Teaching of Hell
2 days ago . And if it terrorized them, could the teaching actually be from God? . calls herself a Prophetess is very persuasive to my illogical, obsessive, .

The environmental terrorizing of children
Apr 10, 2012 . The environmental terrorizing of children . In June the United Nations will hold a Rio+20 conference that will . A myth-illogical apartheid .

Ex-Marine rips NY's 'illogical' gun law
Feb 15, 2012 . “It is illogical and unjust to grant potential criminals with illegal firearms . This Nazi simp would have no problem terrorizing you and your family .

Syria Slaughters, Hamas Terrorizes: Public Relations Firms ...
Feb 15, 2012 . Yet, until very recently you would never know that from the media reports . These illogical answers alone are indicative of the PR success that .

Woman Terrorized By Spike Lee's Tweets Is Selfish Monster ...
Woman Terrorized By Spike Lee's Tweets Is Selfish Monster . But what you can also do that is fun, which is what I just did, is imagine Spike . That said, I didn't want to leave the impression that I had ceded the ground to this illogical fool.